Things I need to find...

...to make me happy.

I mean real, attainable things, not "peace in the Middle East" or "a pony".

1) My G3 WallStreet needs a PRAM battery. And a battery battery. This is just a matter of remembering I need a battery at the same time as having some walking-around money.

2) I need to install OS X on my iMac so that my USB wireless dongle will work headache-free. And I need to install OS X on my new G4 so that it will work, because it shipped with nothing but zeroes on the hard drive, and they function better when you sprinkle a few ones in there, too.

3) No more computer toys until I get a flat panel monitor. This old Mitsubishi CRT has been in use for some five or six years straight and is starting to give an occasional disturbing flicker. This flicker is what we in the hobby refer to as a "hint", and what laypeople refer to as a "bad omen".


Dr. StrangeGun said...

and what technicians call "arcing". It's probably full of dust.

bumper sticker philosopher said...

Whatever you call it, it's time for it to go.

I actually saw a difference in my electric bill when I replaced a 19" CRT with a 19" flat panel.