Spent the day playing Galaga on the 7800. More later.


The bedroom iMac finds another use...

It's a stereo, too!

Rather than having to turn on one of the stereos in the next room or drift off to the crappy Sony clock radio, my bedroom DVD player/web browser is lulling me to sleep with Tangerine Dream's Atem.

This "living in the future" stuff is cool.


Random iMac thought...

You know, if this old iMac had a PCMCIA slot or two, it would be damn near perfect for its current use. (I have PCMCIA WiFi, Ethernet, and modem cards lying around, but I'll need to go buy a USB WiFi unit...)


Bill Cosby's computer.

I got lost in the wilds of cyberspace the other night and somehow stumbled across a TI-99 fanboy site. A TI-99/4A was the first computer I ever bought, at a garage sale back in '83, for the princely sum of $150. (My first car, bought only two years later, cost me $650.)

Anyhow, I had totally forgotten about the game "Microsurgeon" until I saw those screen shots. Oh, lordy, the hours I whiled away wandering through the circulatory system of mister digital patient, zapping blood clots and bacteria...


Fondly remembering when nostalgia was cool...

Actually, it seems like it's getting cool again.

I'm looking for a Mac RGB monitor (one of the little 12" units; my existing one is developing a weird "tick") to keep my LCII and IIsi running, and so I keep an eye on eBay.

Old Apple IIe and IIgs units, if running and with software, are just smoking Mac Quadras in the price department. There's a whole graphic design agency's worth of 040-powered Macs up for auction right now, five whole machines, that you can get cheaper than the going rate on a Apple II+ or IIe w/monitor.

It's been a long time since I played Choplifter or the original top-down Castle Wolfenstein on a greenscreen...