It's calling to me.

I have an Apple IIc, complete with the bitty little green screen Apple monitor, that I accidentally won in an eBay auction.

Lately I've had this bad urge to hit the web and see if I could scare up some games for it. It'd be neat to play Castle Wolfenstein, Wizardry, or F-15 Strike Eagle in the old school original.


Back on Mac.

Well, my old P4 tower puked its power supply last night, and that meant cranking up the eMac.

It's only a year younger than the wintel box, and it was a stripper when it was new, compared to the P4, whose video card alone cost nearly a quarter of the eMac's purchase price.

Still, I used the G4/500 "Sawtooth" tower for the better part of a year, and this thing is a ton better than it. We'll see how long it takes me to cry "uncle" and repair or replace the PC.