Hmmm... Both good and bad, I guess.

Regarding the Mac Powerbook 2400c:

Pros: The bitty 800x600 screen and the computer it's attached to is so tiny and cute that I let out a little involuntary "Squee!" every time it does something computerlike. It's a new enough 'Book that it auto-sleeps when closed. The keyboard is a mite cramped, but has a decent feel to it. It's so small and light that it's easy to scrunch up all nice and comfy with some pillows in the corner of the futon and balance it in my lap; you hardly notice the weight of it. I've read many a coffee table book that weighed as much or more. Oh, and it's a lot more sure-footed on the web than I remember it being. The little 180MHz PowerPC runs Explorer 5.1 under System 8 just fine, and...

Cons: Whoops. Yeah, the web... Just what I'm trying to get away from. On the other hand, unlike my iBook, no surgery is required to make this one 'net-incapable; all I have to do is pop out the PC card, et voila! No more webz to distract me. Did I mention the keyboard is cramped? Also, no Page Up/Page Down/Home/End keys, which I constantly use for navigation.

Overall: If only the keyboard was a wee bit bigger and had navigation keys other than the cursor keys. Among laptops, so few are truly laptops. This one gets a B- for my needs, docked only for the interface.

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