Fondly remembering when nostalgia was cool...

Actually, it seems like it's getting cool again.

I'm looking for a Mac RGB monitor (one of the little 12" units; my existing one is developing a weird "tick") to keep my LCII and IIsi running, and so I keep an eye on eBay.

Old Apple IIe and IIgs units, if running and with software, are just smoking Mac Quadras in the price department. There's a whole graphic design agency's worth of 040-powered Macs up for auction right now, five whole machines, that you can get cheaper than the going rate on a Apple II+ or IIe w/monitor.

It's been a long time since I played Choplifter or the original top-down Castle Wolfenstein on a greenscreen...


Dr. StrangeGun said...

I'm about to trash a wonky LCII.

It has an LC to VGA adapter on it.


Tam said...


Dr. StrangeGun said...

I also just lifted from storage a IIx, 6100, two 7100s, and a quadra 900 and 950... and if you feel like a IIe (have 2) or IIgs (have 3) let me know.

Them what can't find homes will be disassembled and recycled. er, not the IIs, just the "common" macs.

Oh, want a powerbook 520?

Casey Tompkins said...

Hi, Tam! Dropped by via the recent Instapundit link, and here I find out you like to collect old computers.

Same thing here, except I focus on MS/Intel side, with a special interest in portables.

You might want to follow the "Vintage" IBM/PC auction threads as well. I have a Zenith green-screen monitor and a Magnavox CGA which both accept composite input, given the proper cable.