Bill Cosby's computer.

I got lost in the wilds of cyberspace the other night and somehow stumbled across a TI-99 fanboy site. A TI-99/4A was the first computer I ever bought, at a garage sale back in '83, for the princely sum of $150. (My first car, bought only two years later, cost me $650.)

Anyhow, I had totally forgotten about the game "Microsurgeon" until I saw those screen shots. Oh, lordy, the hours I whiled away wandering through the circulatory system of mister digital patient, zapping blood clots and bacteria...


Dr. StrangeGun said...

16 bit glory hobbled by an OS that INTERPRETED it's system calls. Oh the horror.

I have one in the garage... not in storage, in the garage. It got caught in a pile of brokens that I cleared to make room for stuff... I've probably ruined it. At the very least it'll need the case soaked in bleach.

Don Meaker said...

I used a TR-99 when I worked for the Navy at Pt Mugu CA. Got a 400 dollar award by writing a program to calculate maintenance technical factors. (depot rework rate, ect).

Fond memories.