The aforementioned Apple IIc has just sat forlornly in its case since it arrived on my doorstep. Last night it occurred to me that I hadn't inspected the flat, zippered compartment on the case's lid...

Hey! 5.25" floppies! With the names of what appear to be games on them!

Today I worked up my mojo to pull the little monitor up from the basement and set the machine up, only to find that I was short a video cable. Now, given who my roomie is, I know there have got to be a squillion cables lying about the house, but I'm going to have to wait 'til she gets home to find one.



Gewehr98 said...

Speaking of digital fossils, Tam, I'm hoping that a special package arrived in one piece the other day?

Anonymous said...

It is now June: What has happened with the MAC?

Ulises from CA

Anonymous said...

So. How long does it take your digital fossil to boot up. I've been waiting!


And I'm sorry about the cats. I still miss mine, waking me up in the morning with his cry of "feed me, slave" or some such.

Sometimes I visit a shelter & pet the cats there for therapy.

Ulises from CA

Anonymous said...

Ahh the days of Locksmith 4.0 and copying games.

The good news is that if the Obama throws the kill switch we can breakout the 300 bps modem and snarf some ASCII porn to print on the mighty 9 pin dot matrix.

Anybody remember the game Lord British produced prior to Ultima I?


Eck! said...

Oh, then you'd like my room. a mere 53 fossils ranging from my first Altair8800 (circa 1/1975) though a mix of DEC system including an infamous PDP-8 I liberated from The Mill and a mix of commies, Kim-1, and other interesting goodies.